Mathematics and Computer Science(MCS)--美国阿贡国家数学和计算机科学实验室



  MCS provides intellectual and technical leadership in the computing sciences ‐ applied mathematics, computer science, and computational science. To this end, we tackle the most important scientific problems of our nation — problems that require innovative computational tools and technology for transformative science during the next several decades.

  We are a large group, and we welcome new members -- especially postdocs and students -- to join us in tackling exciting initiatives in four key areas:

  Extreme Computing: Exploring new approaches to system software, fault tolerance, and innovative programming models for next-generation computers

  Data-Intensive Science: Formulating novel techniques for managing, storing, analyzing, and visualizing the enormous amounts of data produced by leadership-class computers and large experimental facilities

  Applied Mathematics: Formulating rigorous theory leading to fast algorithms, deployed in software on leading-edge computing platforms

  Science &Engineering Applications: Working with scientists and engineers to apply our advanced algorithms and tools to applications critical to our society, such as life science, climate change, materials, and energy systems simulations

  In addition to our world-class research, we provide access to some of the fastest, most powerful computer systems in the world: systems that are enabling scientists to tackle problems previously considered infeasible.